Adding a Panel Fence Gate

The Panel Gate object is used to add an adjustable opening to any panel fence in your landscape design. Panel gates operate very similarly to regular fence gates, and can be widened or narrowed as needed. Panel gates can be closed or set to any open angle desired.

To add a new gate:

1.   Select the Perspective view (not required but recommended).

2.   Adjust your view until you can clearly see the panel fence that you want to add a gate to.

3.   From the Building tab, click Add Panel Gate.

4.   Click the picture of the default panel gate that appears to the right of the screen, and then select the panel gate you would like to use from the menu that appears.

5.   Click on the part of the panel fence that you want to add the gate to.


To open a panel gate:

1.   Click the panel gate to select it.

2.   Set the Open angle property to any desired gate angle.

To move an existing panel gate:

1.   Click the panel gate to select it.

2.   Click the panel gate again, but this time hold down the left mouse button as you move the mouse to reposition the panel gate. Note that a panel gate cannot be moved to a different panel fence object.


    Panel gates can only be added to panel fences; they cannot be added to regular fences.

    If you want to place multiple panel gates of the same type, click the Add Panel Gate button, hold the Ctrl key, and then click once for each panel gate you want to add.

    Panel gates can be added only to panel fences that are already in your design; panel gates cannot be added to other objects.

    The height of the panel gate is automatically set to the height of the panel fence it is attached to.

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