Realtime Landscaping is available in 3 versions: Plus, Pro, and Architect. Use this software to create and visualize your landscape designs in 3D.

Realtime Landscaping Photo is a unique and intuitive 2D landscape design program that allows you to design directly on top of a photograph. Take a picture, import it into Realtime Landscaping Photo, and add your changes; Photo is quick and easy to use. Realtime Landscaping Photo is included with all Realtime Landscaping software versions.

Realtime Picture Editor is a powerful and user-friendly picture editing program that allows you to modify pictures after they are imported into the Realtime Landscaping software.

This guide describes the features and tools included in Realtime Landscaping Plus, Pro, and Architect. For information about Realtime Landscaping Photo and the Realtime Picture Editor, see the documentation that is included with them.