Offsetting Objects

The outline of closed shapes (such as swimming pools, fill regions, and patios) can be expanded or contracted using the Offset tool.

To offset an object that is not currently selected:

1.   Click the Offset tool that appears to the left of the screen. Or press Ctrl+E.

2.   Click the object you want to offset to select it. Note that to be offset, the item must be a shape-based object (such as a house or patio) that has already been added to your design.  

3.   Click the object again, but this time hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse up or down to offset the object. Or press Enter to offset the object manually.

To offset one or more selected objects:

1.   Move your mouse over one of the selected objects that you want to offset.

2.   Click and hold the left mouse button, and then move the mouse up or down to offset all selected objects. Or press Enter to offset the objects manually.


In the landscape design below, the Offset tool was used to create the driveway inset accent.

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