Mirroring Objects

The Mirror tool is used to flip around an object, a group of objects, or an entire landscape design.

To mirror one or more objects:

1.   Click the object you want to mirror. To select more than one object, hold the Shift key while clicking on additional objects.

2.   From the Main tab, click Mirror.

3.   Click to add the starting point of the mirroring line.

4.   Click to add the ending point of the mirroring line. Hold Shift to constrain the line to a vertical, horizontal, or angled line. To cancel, press Esc.

Your entire landscape design can also be mirrored if needed.

To mirror the entire design:

1.   From the File menu, click Save. (Mirroring your entire design cannot be undone, so we recommend saving it first in case you change your mind.)

2.   From the Tools menu, click Mirror Design.

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