Plant Creation Wizard

The Plant Creation Wizard can be used to create a new plant using the appearance of the currently selected plant. This is useful for using an existing plant as a starting point for your own variations.

Note: Due to their complexity, you cannot currently create custom variations of UltraRes Plants®.

To create a custom plant:

1.   Add the plant that you would like to use to your landscape design. For instructions, see Adding a Plant.

2.   Modify the color and brightness of the plant as needed. Either adjust the Color and Brightness of the plant, or edit it using the Realtime Picture Editor.

3.   Ensure that the plant is selected.

4.   From the Tools menu, click Plant Creation Wizard.

5.   Click Next.

6.   Click the Set File Name button, enter the desired common name for the new plant, and then click Next.

7.   Enter the desired information for your plant and then click Next. This information is optional, but it is recommended to accurately enter the mature age and mature height as they affect how the plant is sized when it is added to your landscape design.

8.   Click Finish to complete the wizard.

9.   Your new plant will appear in the Custom category of the plant library.


    If you want to import a plant model created in other software such as Blender or SketchUp, use the Model Import Wizard.

    To import a picture of a plant, use the Picture Import Wizard.

    Custom plants are saved to the following directory:

\Users\user\Documents\Realtime Landscaping version\Custom Data\type\Custom\

Where user is your Windows user name, version is the software version, type is plant for 3D plant models, and plant_picture for 2D plant pictures.

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