Model Creation Wizard

The Model Creation Wizard creates new models using existing objects. For example, a plant could be placed on a trellis, and then the Model Creation Wizard could be used to permanently add the plant/trellis combination to Realtime Landscaping. Once an object is created using the Model Creation Wizard, it can be added to any of your landscape designs.

Note: Due to their complexity, you cannot currently create custom models that include UltraRes Plants®.

To create a new model:

1.   Select each of the objects you want to include in the new model. For help, see Selecting Objects.

2.   From the Tools menu, select Model Creation Wizard.

3.   Click Next.

4.   Select the type of model you would like to create and then click Next. Select Accessory for general-purpose models, such as arbors, mailboxes, and tables.

5.   Click the Set File Name button and type a name for your new model.

6.   Click Next and then click Finish to complete the wizard.

Your new model can be added to any of your landscape designs from within the appropriate object library. For example, if a container garden has been imported as an accessory, then it can be found within the Custom category while browsing for accessories.


A variety of different types of models can be created using the Model Creation Wizard. The following example shows how to create a container garden.

To create a container garden:

1.   Add a planter using the Accessory object.

2.   Add flowers to the planter using the Plant object.

3.   Select each of the flowers and the planter.

4.   From the Tools menu, select Model Creation Wizard and then follow the steps shown above. When asked which type of object you want to create, select Accessory.

You can now add your new container garden as you would any other accessory. See Adding an Accessory for more information.



    If you want to import custom pictures or photographs, use the Picture Import Wizard.

    For more information on editing the appearance of an object, see Editing Materials.

    If you want to create a custom plant from an existing one, the Plant Creation Wizard can also be used. Note that the Plant Creation Wizard handles both 2D and 3D plants, while the Model Creation Wizard only supports 3D plants.

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