IES Light Profile Import Wizard

Applies to: Plus Pro Architect

IES (Illuminating Engineering Society) profiles describe how light spreads in each direction. Realtime Landscaping includes a selection of profiles that you can use for any light. You can also import your own using this wizard.

Important: In Realtime Landscaping, light profiles are for visualization purposes only. Their pattern and brightness do not directly relate to a given light.

To import an IES Light Profile:

1.   From the Tools menu, click IES Light Profile Import Wizard.

2.   Click Next.

3.   Browse to the IES file you want to import and click Open. A preview of the light profile will appear.

4.   Click Next.

5.   Click Set File Name to enter a different name for your profile, or just click Next if you want to use the original name.

6.   Click Finish to import the profile and complete the wizard.


Once the profile has been imported, it will appear in the Custom category when browsing for light profiles.

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