Adding a Fountain

Applies to: Plus Pro Architect

Realtime Landscaping includes many different styles of fountains that can be added to your landscape designs. Some fountains are intended for use on the ground, while other fountains are designed to be placed in ponds. Your fountains will spray or gush water realistically in the Perspective view.

To add a fountain:

1.   From the Water Features tab, click Add Fountain.

2.   Click the picture of the default fountain that appears to the right of the screen, and then select the fountain you would like to use.

3.   Click to place the fountain.


In the following water garden, a bowl fountain provides a constant flow of water.

Pillar Fountains

Pillar fountains are very peaceful yet prominent water features that take very little space. A pillar fountain is composed of a simple rock pillar (often built from fiberglass or plastic), a liner, and a pump with a filter. Water flows down the side of the rock pillar and re-circulates back to the top. Some pillar fountains can even be used indoors.

There are several pillar fountains to choose from in Realtime Landscaping. Objects such as Regions, Rock Borders, and Edging may help to complete your design.

In the picture below, a pillar fountain is used as the centerpiece of an elegant driveway design.


    Fountains and waterfalls are similar, but the water flow of a waterfall moves in a particular direction while the water of a fountain always flows straight down. For information on waterfalls, see Adding a Waterfall.

    Landscaping rocks can be added around your fountains; see Adding a Rock for details.

    Fountains can be scaled and rotated normally. See Scaling Objects and Rotating Objects for more information.

    Plants can be added around your fountains; see Adding a Plant for details.

    Fountains are typically part of a water garden design featuring ponds and streams. See Adding a Stream and Adding a Pond for more information.

    The materials of your fountains can be customized as needed. For details, see Editing Materials.

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