Adding a Waterfall

Applies to: Plus Pro Architect

A wide variety of pre-built waterfalls are included in Realtime Landscaping. If waterfalls are added in or next to streams or ponds in your landscape design, the water will flow realistically from the waterfall to the stream or pond in the Perspective view.

To add a waterfall:

1.   From the Water Features tab, click Add Waterfall.

2.   Click the picture of the default waterfall that appears to the right of the screen, and then select the waterfall you would like to use.

3.   Click to place the waterfall.


A waterfall is featured in the water garden design shown below:

Adding Rocks

Rocks can be added around your waterfalls for more variety. The water will flow over the rocks realistically.

Designing Custom Waterfalls

If you create a combination of rocks and waterfalls that you want to use again later, you can save your creation as a custom waterfall using the Model Creation Wizard.

To design a custom waterfall:

1.   Add a waterfall to your landscape design as described above. Or, you can create a new waterfall from scratch using the Flowing Water object to specify the water source. The Flowing Water object is a special 3D model that defines the position, size, and direction of flowing water. During Realtime Walkthroughs, the arrow will be hidden and flowing water will take its place. The Flowing Water object can be found with the other available waterfall features in the Waterfall library.

2.   Build upon your creation by adding rocks, changing the materials of the waterfall, and arranging the items in different ways.

3.   Select each of the objects that compose your finished creation. Hold the Shift key while clicking to select multiple objects.

4.   From the Tools menu, click Model Creation Wizard. Follow the wizard to finish adding your waterfall to the waterfall library.


    Waterfalls and fountains are similar, but the water flow of a waterfall moves in a particular direction while the water of a fountain always flows straight down. For information on fountains, see Adding a Fountain.

    Waterfalls are typically part of a water garden design featuring ponds and streams. See Adding a Stream and Adding a Pond for more information.

    Landscaping rocks can be added in and around your waterfalls; see Adding a Rock for details.

    Waterfalls can be scaled and rotated normally. See Scaling Objects and Rotating Objects for more information.

    Plants can be added in and around your waterfalls; see Adding a Plant for details.

    The materials of your waterfalls can be customized as needed. For details, see Editing Materials.

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