Adding a Picture

The Picture object is used to add photographs to your landscape designs. Realtime Landscaping includes a wide variety of pictures such as animals, cars, and people. You can also import your own using the Picture Import Wizard.

To add an existing picture:

1.   From the Landscape tab, click Add Picture.

2.   Click the image of the default picture that appears to the right of the screen, and then select the picture you would like to use.

3.   Click on your design where you want to place the picture.

Note: To add pictures of plants, we recommend using the Plant object instead. There are a lot more options available.

The landscape design below uses Picture objects for the planters.

Importing a Custom Picture

Photographs and digital images can be imported into Realtime Landscaping and used in any of your landscape designs. To do this, import your photograph into Realtime Landscaping using the Picture Import Wizard. Once your image is imported, use the above steps to add it to your design. The imported pictures will appear in the Custom category.

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