Quick Start

Setting Basic Preferences

Before creating your first landscape design, we recommend setting a few basic preferences. These are found in the Program Settings dialog. To access this dialog, click Settings and Program Settings. Or, press the F9 key.

These settings will be used for all your landscape designs and can be changed at any time.

Set the drawing units to Metric or English

This determines how measurements appear throughout the software. You can switch between Metric and English at any time.

Choose the UI Theme

Choose the user interface theme you would like to use: light (the default), medium, or dark.

Determine the Zoom Direction

There are several ways to zoom into and out of the current view. If the zoom direction seems backward to you, you can reverse it.

Exploring the Samples

A number of sample designs are included with Realtime Landscaping. We recommend exploring these samples for ideas and inspiration for creating your own landscape designs. To open a sample landscape, click File and Open Sample.

Creating your First Landscape

To quickly create a landscape and learn how to use the software, use the Landscape Wizard to create a basic design.


    There are many keyboard shortcuts to speed up the design process. See Keyboard Shortcuts for details.

    You can switch between English and Metric measurements at any time. To access this option, click Settings and Program Settings. For more information, see Using Metric.

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