Archiving Files

If you need to move your landscape design to another computer to continue your work, then we recommend using the Archive command instead of the Save command. The Archive command will include any custom data that you have imported and used in the design, such as pictures and imported models.

To archive the current landscape design:

1.   From the File menu, click Archive.

2.   Type a name for your archive and then click Save.


    When you open an archived landscape design, the title bar at the top of the screen will display “Archive”.

    If you open a landscape design from someone else and you see "Texture not found" or "Model not found" messages, then you will need to ask the sender to send you a new file saved using the Archive command.

    The file size of an archive can become much larger than a typical landscape file because it contains all custom data used in the design.

    We recommend using the Archive command to save backups of important designs. By saving backups and moving them to another computer, you will be much better protected from data loss if your computer is lost, stolen, or damaged.