Plant Properties

For any properties not shown below, see Setting Object Properties.


Plant Options



Plant model or picture to use.


Distance from the ground to the bottom of the plant.


Rotate the plant about its vertical axis.

Rotate Randomly

When adding a new plant, rotate it randomly about its vertical axis. This option only appears when adding a new plant.

Tilt angle

Rotate a picture-based plant from a vertical to horizontal position. This is useful for rotating pictures of plants that were taken from above, such as shrubs and ground cover.

Flip horizontal

Invert the picture-based plant horizontally.

Flip vertical

Invert the picture-based plant vertically.

Rotate to face viewer

Automatically turn the picture-based plant to face you. Uncheck this option if you want to rotate the plant picture manually.

Ignore growth limits

Allow the plant to be enlarged past its maximum size.




Plant names

Common and botanical names of the plant. The common name is on the first line, and the botanical name is on the second.

To change one or both of these names, click the options button on the top-right of this property and enter the desired names.


Which seasonal variation of the plant you want to use. You can pick a specific season, or select Use global season to use the season currently specified in the environment settings. This property only applies to UltraRes Plants®.

Starting age

Current age of the plant, excluding any time added using the Plant Growth setting. The age of the plant determines its size.

Plant growth

Current Plant Growth setting.

Current age

Sum of the plant’s starting age and the current Plant Growth setting.

Mature age

Age at which the plant will reach its mature height.

Current height

Height of the plant at its current age.

Mature height

Height the plant will be when it reaches its mature age.

Planting zones

Recommended planting zones for the plant. To view a map of these zones, click Tools and Plant Hardiness Zones. Note: Plant hardiness zones do not apply to annuals.


Abbreviation of the plant’s name. 


Plant container size.

Create a Custom Plant

Create a new plant variation. For details, see Plant Creation Wizard. Note: This option is not available for UltraRes Plants®.


Symbol Options (Architect)


Use default symbol

Use the standard symbol or allow you to select from the symbol library. Uncheck this option to choose a different symbol.


Symbol that is used when displaying the plant in the Plan view. Note: Before the symbol can be changed, uncheck Use default symbol.


Size of the symbol relative to the size of the plant. For example, if the scale is set to 50, then the symbol will be one-half of the plant’s size.


Transparency of the symbol. Set to 0 for a fully opaque symbol.

Symbol width

Current size of the symbol in the Plan view. The symbol size is a factor of the plant’s starting age and the symbol scale.

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