Adding a Height Grid

The Height Grid object is used to place a terrain sculpting patch that can be raised or lowered at individual points. Height grids have a variety of uses, one of them being to add slight variations to the topology of a landscape design to provide more realism.

To add a height grid:

1.   From the Terrain tab, click Add Height Grid.

2.   Click to place the first corner of the height grid.

3.   Click to place the opposite corner of the height grid.

To raise and lower points:

1.   Click the height grid in your landscape to select it.

2.   Click Edit Points.

3.   Click a point to select it. Multiple points can also be selected at once.

4.   Drag the green arrow up and down to raise or lower the selected points. Or, use the Height property to set the heights manually.



    Multiple height grids can be used if needed, and may be layered on top of each other to achieve stacking effects.

    When editing a height grid, multiple points can be selected and edited at once. For details, see Editing Points.

    The number of grid points can be increased or decreased to achieve the level of precision needed.

    The Height slider is limited to 25 feet (7.62 m), but by typing a value in the text field, it can be increased to plus or minus 300 feet (91.44 m).

    If a height grid overlaps other terrain sculpting objects, it may be necessary to modify the Terrain Sculpting Order.

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