Adding 3D Text

3D text can be added to your landscape using the 3D Text object. Since 3D text appears in the Plan and Perspective views, as well as during a Realtime Walkthrough, it is very versatile and can be used for labels, signs, and more.

In Realtime Landscaping Architect, if you want to add flat text that only appears in the Plan view, use the Text object instead.

To add 3D text:

1.   From the Utilities tab, click Add 3D Text.

2.   Click to place the text.

3.   From the dialog that appears, type the desired text and click OK.

4.   Modify the style of the text as needed. See below for a list of available text properties.


The landscape design shown below uses 3D text for the client’s name and house number.


    You can toggle the appearance of all 3D text at once by clicking View, Show/Hide Objects, and selecting the 3D Text option. For more details, see Showing and Hiding Objects.

    3D text can be scaled and rotated as needed.

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