Panning the View

To pan using the Pan tool:

1.   Click the Pan button that is found to the left of the screen.

2.   Position your mouse cursor inside the landscape design and then move the mouse while holding down the left mouse button. When finished panning, release the mouse button.

Panning will move your view forward and backward, left and right, from one portion of your landscape to another. For example, panning would allow you to move your view from the front yard of a residence to the back yard.


    You can pan by moving the mouse while clicking and holding down the mouse wheel. Using the mouse wheel is much faster than using the Pan tool.

    The mouse cursor automatically jumps to the other side of the screen when it reaches the side of the viewport, making it easy to pan across large areas of your design with only one click.

    The keyboard arrow keys can also be used to pan the view.

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