House Properties

For any properties not shown below, see Setting Object Properties.




Wall height

Height of the house walls. Use 0 to remove the walls and only create the roof. This is useful for creating carports and overhangs.


Distance of the house from the ground.

Add corner trim

Add solid trim to the corners of the house.

Corner trim width

Width of each side of the corner trim.

Trim color

Color of the corner trim and the trim of any doors and windows that have been added.

Edit points

Enable or disable point editing mode, which will allow you to modify the house’s shape. See Editing Points for details.

Shape options

Save the current shape or load a new one. For more details, see Saving and Loading Shapes.





Steepness of the roof’s incline. For example, a roof pitch of 0 will cause the roof to be flat, while a high roof pitch will cause the roof to be peaked.


Distance that the roof will project beyond the house walls.

Upper offset

When the Add upper pitch option is checked, this determines how far from the base of the roof the second pitch will start.

Ridge cap width

Width of each side of the ridge caps.

Use legacy

Use the legacy (pre-2023) construction methods. This is useful for compatibility with imported designs. When enabled, gutters, ridge caps, and upper pitch options will be disabled.

Add gutters

Add gutters to the roof.

Add ridge caps

Add roofing ridge caps.

Add upper pitch

Add an upper pitch that is different than the lower pitch. For example, this is useful for Gambrel and Mansard roof styles.

Edit roof type

To change the roof style, click the Edit roof type button. Then, click on the wall underneath the edge of the roof you want to change. Continue clicking until the desired roof style appears. When finished, click Edit roof type again to exit roof editing mode.





Total size of the house in square feet or meters.


Total distance around the house in feet or meters.

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