Height Painter Properties





Width of the area covered by the Height Painter.


Length of the area covered by the Height Painter.

Line style

Appearance of the Height Painter’s outline.


Paint Tools


Brush size

Size of the brush shape. When the circular brush is selected, this is the brush diameter.

Brush angle

Rotation angle of the square brush or custom brush. This property has no effect when the Circle brush is selected.

Brush taper

Determines the brush edge steepness. Use a lower value for a more rounded edge, or a higher value for a steeper edge.

When using the Roughen tool, this property determines how far apart the random height changes will be.

Brush height

Determines how much the terrain height will be changed with each painting operation. Enter a positive height to increase the terrain height, or a negative height to decrease the terrain height.


Activate the Raise/Lower tool.


Activate the Flatten tool.

Clamp Min

Activate the Clamp Min tool.

Clamp Max

Activate the Clamp Max tool.


Activate the Smooth tool.


Activate the Roughen tool.


Activate the Erase tool.

Erase all

Erase all painting operations for the currently selected Height Painter.

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