String Light Properties





Total distance from the start of the string light to the end in feet or meters.


Optional product name for estimating cost in the Project Material List.


Distance from the ground to the bottom of the object.


How much light the string will emit. This is not the brightness of each bulb, which is predefined, but rather the total light cast by the entire string onto surrounding surfaces.

Beam angle

Width of the light’s influence.

Falloff rate

How quickly the light will fall off with distance.

Start range

How far away the light will start falling off with distance.

End range

Maximum distance that the light will illuminate the surrounding surfaces.

On time

When the light will turn on.

Off - the light will remain off regardless of the time of day
Night - the light will turn on between the hours of 7pm and 5am.
Dusk to dawn - the light will turn on between the hours of 6pm and 6am.
Always - the light will remain on regardless of the time of day.

Cord color

Color of the cord that the lights are connected to.

Show cord in Realtime Walkthrough

Show the cord in screenshots, movies, and Realtime Walkthroughs. Uncheck this option to hide the cord during those times.

Edit points

Enable or disable point editing mode, which will allow you to modify the shape. See Editing Points for details.

Shape options

Save the current shape or load a new one. For more details, see Saving and Loading Shapes.


Height of the selected point(s).

Beam direction

Illumination angle for the selected point(s).





Distance between bulbs.

Bulb type

Type of bulb.

Mini - Miniature LED
C6-C9 - Standard bulb sizes
Globe - Round glass globe
Icicle - Vertically hanging string of small bulbs
Dripping icicle - Glass icicle with multiple bulbs inside
Meteor shower - Glass rod with multiple bulbs inside


How many bulb colors the string will have. You can customize each color as desired.


Type of animation to play. Set to None if you do not want the lights to animate.

Effect speed

How fast to play the selected animation.

Effect offset time

Controls the synchronization of multiple sets of lights. For example, if you want one set of lights to start their animation 1/2 second after another, set the Effect offset time to 0.5s for the first set of lights.

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