Rotating Points

The points of an object can be rotated relative to each other. While this technique is not used often, it can be useful in certain situations.

Before points can be rotated, the Edit Points button must be pressed to turn on point editing mode. See Editing Points for more information.

To rotate points:

1.   Click the Rotate tool that is found to the left of the screen, or press the R key.

2.   Hold the Shift key and click on each of the points you want to rotate to select them. More than one point should be selected.

3.   Click and hold the left mouse button on one of the points, then move the mouse to rotate all selected points. Or press Enter to rotate the points manually.


    In most cases, it is easier to rotate the entire object instead of rotating points. For more information, see Rotating Objects.

    When angle snapping is enabled, rotated points will snap to the Snap angle that has been set in the Snap Settings dialog.

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