Railing Properties





Choose from a variety of pre-designed railings. Once you select a style, you can customize it as desired. Once you select a style, you can customize it as desired.


Connect the last point to the first, forming a closed shape.


Stagger the railing vertically as it ascends or descends over uneven terrain. This has no effect on railing placed on a flat surface.

Switch sides

Some balusters are not symmetrical, such as iron balusters which bow outward. Use this option to reverse which side the balusters face.


Distance of the railing from the underlying deck, patio, or terrain.

Save Style

Save your current railing configuration as a style that can be used in future designs.

Edit points

Enable or disable point editing mode, which will allow you to modify the shape. See Editing Points for details.

Shape options

Save the current shape or load a new one. For more details, see Saving and Loading Shapes.


Railing Posts


Cap style

Railing post cap style.

Base trim style

Style of the railing post bottom trim.

Post size

Width and length of each railing post.

Max spacing

Maximum distance between each railing post.


Top Railing



Shape of the top railing.


Distance from the bottom of the railing to the top.


Bottom Railing



Shape of the bottom railing.




Use default balusters

Uncheck this option to select a different style of balusters.


Type of baluster to use.


Width of each baluster.


Distance between balusters.





Total length of the railing in feet or meters.

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