Accent Shape Properties

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Max Elevation

Maximum elevation of the surface that the accent shape is applied to. For example, if the accent shape is placed partially or completely on top of a patio, and the Max Elevation is set to a lower elevation than the patio, then the accent shape will apply to the terrain below the patio, and ignore the patio itself. However, if the Max elevation property is set to a higher elevation than the patio, then the accent shape will ignore the terrain and only apply to the patio itself.

Add border

Add a solid color outline around the accent shape.

Border width

Thickness of the outline.

Border color

Color of the outline.

Edit points

Enable or disable point editing mode, which will allow you to modify the shape. See Editing Points for details.

Shape options

Save the current shape or load a new one. For more details, see Saving and Loading Shapes.





Total size of the accent shape in square feet or meters.


Total distance around the border of the accent shape in feet or meters.

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