Pool Wall Properties

Applies to: Plus Pro Architect

For any properties not shown below, see Setting Object Properties.





Distance from the ground to the bottom of the object.


Thickness of the pool wall.


Connect the last point to the first, forming a closed shape.

Switch sides

Determines which side of the line the pool wall is built on. To switch the pool wall’s side, click the Switch sides checkbox.

Edit points

Enable or disable point editing mode, which will allow you to modify the shape. See Editing Points for details.

Shape options

Save the current shape or load a new one. For more details, see Saving and Loading Shapes.


Height of the pool wall at the selected point(s).




Coping type

Style of coping to add to the top of the pool wall.


How tall the coping is.


How far the coping extends from the pool wall.

Edit Coping

Enable or disable coping editing mode, which will allow you to add or remove coping at each edge of the pool wall. When coping editing mode is enabled, click the edges of your pool wall that you want to toggle.




Add tile

Add tile to the upper edge of the pool wall.

Material is a single tile

Material is an image of a single tile. If the material is an image of multiple tiles, then uncheck this option and use the material size property to set the total size. For instance, if your material is a 2x2 tile image, with each tile measuring 6" (15.24 cm), then set the size to 12" (30.48 cm) to ensure the material displays properly.

Tile size

Width and height of each tile.





Total distance from the start of the pool wall to the end in feet or meters.

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