Adjusting the View

Learning how to adjust the view is an important first step to learning Realtime Landscaping. Once you become comfortable with adjusting the view in both 2D and 3D modes, your design speed will increase substantially, not to mention your enjoyment of the software.

The Plan view is an overhead 2D view of your design. Realtime Landscaping Architect includes additional features for customizing and adding detail to this view.

Perspective view is a 3D view that is useful for sculpting the terrain, setting elevations, and adding doors and windows. In the Perspective view, your landscape design can be seen from any angle.

Realtime Walkthrough – The Realtime Walkthrough allows you to walk through your landscape in 3D. You cannot edit your design in this view.


    You can design in both Plan view and Perspective view. Freely switch between views at any time.

    The Plan and Perspective views are linked. When you add or change an object in one view, it is automatically added or changed in the other.

    In Architect, you can customize the appearance of many objects in the Plan view. For example, you could display a house as a floorplan instead of a top-down view of the 3D model.

    Architect includes additional objects which only appear in the Plan view, including dimensions, plant legends, CAD symbols, and other 2D design elements.