Moving Objects

To move an object that is not currently selected:

1.   Click the Move tool or press T.

2.   Position the cursor over the object and click to select it.

3.   Drag to move the object.

To move one or more selected objects:

Note: This procedure assumes that you have an object selected.

1.   Position the cursor over any one of the objects.

2.   Click and drag to move the objects.

Quick Scaling and Rotating using Handles

The Move tool also has an option for quickly scaling and rotating the selected objects. When the Move tool is active, a green dot and a green rectangle will appear. The dot is called the Rotate Handle and can be used to quickly rotate the selection. The square is called the Scale Handle and can be used to quickly scale the selection. These handles allow you to quickly rotate or scale your objects without having to change tools. Simply click and drag the handle to rotate or scale the selected objects. This option is only available when the Move tool is selected.

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