This guide will show you how to use and edit layers in Realtime Landscaping Pro.


Layers are a useful tool when creating and editing your landscape. To get started, we will move all of the plants into their own layer. Click the Edit Layers button as seen in the image below.

Click the Edit  Layers button

Next, click Add Layer and rename the layer as desired. Click OK to complete this step.

Add layers, rename, and then click OK

To select all the plants in your design, click Edit, Select, Select All by Type, Landscape, and Plants. Note how all plants are now selected.

Select all plants to add to your new layer

Next, click Edit, Move to Layer, and select the new layer.

Move all plants to your new layer

Repeat the previous steps to add plant fill and plant rows until all of the plants are added into their own layer. Next, we will hide the objects in this layer so you can easily edit the rest of your landscape. Click the Edit Layers button and select the Hide option for the Plants layer.

Click Edit Layers button and then hide the Plants layer

Notice how all of your plants are now hidden.

All plants are now hidden

Additionally, you can lock the objects in a layer to prevent accidental changes while still being able to see them. Click the Edit Layers button and select the Lock option for the Plants layer.

Click the Edit Layers button then lock the Plants layer

Note that when an area is highlighted, none of the plants are selected.

Note that the plants are locked and not selected

When adding a new object to your design, it will be added to the current layer. Make sure you have the desired layer selected in the drop-down list as seen in the image below.

Check the current layer when adding new objects

Another useful feature is the ability to disable objects outside the current layer. Open the layer menu and select the Disable (lock and gray) objects outside the current layer option.

Click the Edit Layers button, then select Disable

The objects outside of the current layer will appear gray and cannot be selected. Note that everything, except for the plants, appears gray. When you switch to another layer, the plants will be disabled. This allows you to see where certain objects would be, without them blocking the view of the area you are trying to work on.

The layers disabled appears gray

You can access the help menu for more information and ideas on how to use layers.

Access the Help menu for help using layers

Thank you for reading this guide, and please feel free to contact us for more information about our user-friendly landscaping software.