compare landscape design software
compare landscape design software

Compare Landscape Design Software

The following chart shows some of the key features in our landscaping software.
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  • key features

  • Create 3D landscape designs
  • Design over a Photo of your landscape
  • Add water features including pools, ponds, and waterfalls
  • Create landscape plans and CAD drawings
  • Download immediately after purchase
  • Free support
  • Design houses, sheds, and carports
  • Create single and multi-story decks
  • Add wood, metal, and panel fencing
  • Design lawns, gardens, paths, rockery
  • Add patios, retaining walls, and edging
  • Walk through your designs in Realtime 3D
  • Landscape lighting design
  • Visualize future plant growth
  • Import SketchUp models or design your own
  • Products from 15 national brands
  • Basic terrain sculpting tools
  • Advanced terrain sculpting tools
  • Maximum lot size
  • Ponds and streams
  • Fountains and waterfalls
  • Pre-Built Swimming Pools and Spas
  • Custom Swimming pools and spas
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Full suite of 3D road tools
  • Add company logo to videos and printouts
  • Hand-drawn plant symbols
  • Title blocks and drawing templates
  • CAD drawing tools
  • Color pencil, marker, and solid color washes
  • Plus

  • $149

    no monthly fees

  • Plus includes pre-built pools and spas
  • 200 acres
  • Pro

  • $279

    no monthly fees

  • Pro includes custom pool design features
  • 200 acres
  • Architect

  • $599

    no monthly fees

  • Architect includes advanced design features
  • Architect includes features for designing custom pools, ponds, decks, and more over your Photo designs
  • Architect includes advanced pool design features
  • Architect includes contour lines and elevation import wizard
  • Architect includes contour lines and elevation import wizard
  • 200 acres
  • Architect includes infinity edges, glass pool walls, and more
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Need the Spanish version?

Our international reseller has created a custom version of our software in Spanish.
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