Light Properties





Type of landscape light.

Material options

The appearance of the landscape light can be modified by clicking the small button that appears to the right of the light image.


Width of the light.


Depth of the light.


Height of the light.

Rotate about X

Angle of the light from top to bottom.

Rotate about Y

Angle of the light about its base.

Rotate about Z

Angle of the light from left to right.

Scale evenly

When one dimension of the size is changed, adjust the other sizes proportionally. Uncheck this option to change one dimension without changing the others.

Cast shadow

Project a simulated shadow on your landscape.

Show fixture

Show the light fixture. Uncheck this option to hide the light fixture.

Enable light

Enable or disable the light. When enabled, the light illuminates when viewing at night.


Color of illumination. For example, a blue color would cause the object to cast blue light.


Brightness of the light.

Light size

Amount of influence the light has on its surroundings.

Spotlight width

Angle of illumination on spotlights. This option is only enabled if the light is a spotlight.

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