Environment Settings

Using the environment settings, you can configure the lighting and shadows for day and night viewing of your landscape designs.

To edit the environment settings:

1.   Click Settings > Environment Settings.

2.   Change the settings as desired and click OK.

Show settings for
Select the desired time of day; Day or Night. The sun position, ambient light color/intensity, and shadows are configured separately for day and night.

Ambient color
Select the ambient light color. All objects in your landscape design will be affected by this color. For example, to simulate a reddish sunrise, set the ambient color to a slight red tint.

Horizontal angle
Adjust the light direction horizontally.

Vertical angle
Adjust the light direction vertically.

Enable landscape lights
Select this option to turn on the lights in your landscape design.

Select this option to enable objects to cast shadows.

Shadow Intensity
When shadows are enabled, this determines how dark the shadows are.


    Environment settings are saved as part of your landscape design. Each landscape design can have its own unique environment settings.

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