This guide will show you how to edit points in Realtime Landscaping Pro. For the purpose of this guide, we will demonstrate the different options available by creating a region.


To get started, click the Landscape tab found under the menu bar, then click the Region button. Left click to place points and create the outline of your region. If you wish to remove the last point placed, press the Backspace key on the keyboard. Once you have created your desired outline, Right click to place the last point. Click the Edit Points button found in the Object Properties panel on the right side of your screen if you wish to make further changes.

Edit points button

To insert additional points to your outline, hold the Control key on the keyboard and Left click to place the points. Or, you can click the Insert Points button, as seen in the image below, and Left click to place the additional points.

Insert points

To delete points, Left click to select the point and press the Delete key on the keyboard. Additionally, you can delete points by selecting the point and clicking the Delete points button as seen in the image below.

Delete points

If a mistake is made, you can click the Undo button, or press both the Control+Z keys on the keyboard to undo your last action.

Undo points

If you wish to select multiple points, Left click and drag to highlight the points. Note that the selected points will appear red in color, while the unselected points will appear yellow. You are also able to select multiple points by holding down the Shift key on the keyboard, then Left clicking the points you wish to edit. In the image below, you will see that we have selected all the points on the left-hand side of the region.

Selecting points

Next, we will show you the different curve type options. To provide users with a high level of control, four curve types are available: Line, Spline, Bezier, and Bezier Corner. Each type of curve is explained below.

Select the desired point(s), then click the Line button for a sharp corner.

Line curve

Select your desired points and click Spline to make a curved corner.

Spline curve

To create a custom curve, select the desired points and click Bezier. Then move the blue handles to further adjust and customize the curve. Simply Left click and drag the blue handles until you have your desired shape.

Bezier curve

For even more control, select the Bezier Corner option. You will now have two handles that can be moved independently to customize the shape of the curve.

Bezier corner curve

To move one or more points a specific distance, select the points and press the Enter key on the keyboard. A dialog box will appear as seen in the image below. You can then enter the desired offset in the X and/or Y direction.

Point offset

To round corners, click the Round Corners button. Select the points you wish to change, then “Left click” and drag to round the corners, or press Enter on the keyboard to input the radius manually.

Round corners

To create beveled corners, click the Bevel Corners button. Select the points you wish to change, then “Left click” and drag it to bevel the corners, or press Enter on the keyboard to input the desired bevel distance manually.

Bevel corners

Thank you for reading this guide, and please feel free to contact us for more information about our landscaping software.