This guide will show you how to adjust your perspective view in Realtime Landscaping Pro.


Panning moves your view left and right, forward and backward, from one portion of your landscape to another. Press and hold the Middle mouse button to pan the view, then drag the view to the desired location. You can also use the keyboard arrow keys to pan the view.

Keyboard arrow keys

Alternately, you can also pan using the Pan tool on the toolbar, as seen in the image below. The Pan tool can also be found on the navigation wheel located at the bottom left corner of your screen.

Pan tool found in the toolbar

Zooming will move your view closer to, or farther away from what you are currently looking at. The easiest ways to zoom the view is by rotating the Middle mouse wheel, or, by clicking and holding the Left+Right mouse buttons while moving up or down. You can also zoom using the Zoom tool, which can be found on both the toolbar and the navigation wheel.

Tip: To reverse the zoom direction, select the Reverse mouse zoom direction option found in the Program Settings dialog, under Settings on the menu bar.

Zoom tool found in the toolbar

If you wish to zoom to a specific object in your design, first, select the object you want to zoom to. Then click the Zoom to Selection button on the toolbar and it will take you to your selection. Another way you can zoom to your selection is by clicking your desired object, and then pressing the Z key on your keyboard.

Zoom to selection

Orbiting is a method that lets you rotate your view while in the 3D Perspective view. For example, orbiting allows you to view all sides of a 3D object such as a house. To orbit the view, press and hold the Right mouse button, and move the mouse in the direction you wish to rotate your view. Alternately, you can orbit the view by using the Orbit button located on the toolbar or the navigation wheel.

Orbit view

Use the Elevation button on the navigation wheel, to adjust the height of your view, as seen in the image below. Left click the Elevation button, hold, and drag the cursor up or down to adjust your height. You may also press and hold the + key on your keyboard to elevate your view, and press and hold the key to lower the view.

Adjust the height using the navigation wheel

You can hover the cursor over a certain button on the toolbar to see the mouse or keyboard short-cut of a specific tool.

Thank you for reading this guide, and please feel free to contact us for more information about our real-time 3D landscaping software.