This guide will show you how to create custom string lights in your landscape design.


To begin, we are going to create the rope. To do this, click the Modeling tab and click the Loft button.

Create the string or cable using the Loft modeling tool

In the Object Properties Panel under Options, click Shape Options and select Load Shape.

Load premade shapes using shape options

Select the Geometric Shape category and click Circle.

Load a perfect circle

For ease of customization raise the Elevation.

Adjust the elevation of the loft object to see more of it

The diameter of the string is fairly large. We will adjust the diameter to the exact size later, but for now, we will reduce it to make the following steps easier. To do this, Left click and drag the scale handle (the green square at the upper right corner of the selection).

Scale an object when it is too large or too small

In the Object Properties Panel under Path, click Edit Points.

Edit the length of the string path

Adjust the length of the path to the desired length of the string for your lights.

Adjust the path of the rope for a longer or shorter string

To create slack in your rope, click Insert points and click to add additional point(s) to the path. Click Insert points again to toggle it off.

Add points to further customize your object

Select the new point and adjust the Height as desired. Under Curve type, click the Spline button. This will make the shape pass smoothly through the selected point.

Customize the string and add slack where it would normally hang

Adjust the Scale of the loft to the desired diameter of the string.

Adjust the scale of the string light to be a smaller diameter

Next, change the material of the loft and then place it into position.

Change the material of the loft and place it into position

Add your desired lights to the string, taking care to position them correctly.

Add light bulbs to string

Once you have completed adding lights to the rope, we will now group them as one object. To do this, select the rope and all the lights attached. Next, click Edit on the menu bar and Group. This will allow you to easily position and copy as many string lights as needed.

Group lights and string for ease of use

You have now completed adding custom string lights to your landscape design.

Completed custom string lights glowing at night

Thank you for reading this guide, and please feel free to contact us for more information about our landscaping software.