This guide will show you how to add an overlay using the Picture Import Wizard in Realtime Landscaping Pro.


An Overlay object is a picture that is draped over the terrain. For instance, you can import a blueprint of your client’s house and trace over the exterior using the House tool. This can help you design more swiftly and with a greater degree of accuracy. To get started, click Tools under the Menu Bar and click Picture Import Wizard.

Add an overlay to your landscape using the Picture import Wizard

A dialog box will appear. Click Next to continue.

Get started adding an overlay with the Picture Import Wizard

You will then be prompted to select the picture type to import. Select Overlay and click Next.

Select Overlay as the picture type

Select the desired image and click Open.

Select the file type you wish to import as the overlay

Click Next once you are happy with your selection. If you wish to choose another file, click Select Picture and make your selection.

Click Next after you have selected the correct picture file

Next, you will be prompted to set the destination file name. Save your image under the desired file name and click Next.

Choose a destination file name for your overlay

You have now reached the end of the Picture Import Wizard. To make any revisions to the previous steps, click the Back button. Click Finish to import the picture into your landscape design.

Click Finish to complete the Picture Import Wizard

Left click to place the overlay in the desired position.

Left click to place your overlay where desired

To size the overlay accurately, click the Resize using Known Distance button found in the Object Properties panel.

Resize your overlay using known distance

Locate a wall or other feature in the image with known dimensions. Choose a long wall or feature, since longer objects will be more accurate. For the purpose of this guide, we will use the wall labeled 24 feet. Left click to place a point at one end of the wall and move the cursor to the other end and Left click again. To constrain the line to a horizontal, vertical, or 45-degree angle, hold down the Shift key while placing the second point.

Create a line over the known distance in your overlay

A dialog box will appear to enter the known distance. In this example, the known distance is ten feet. Input the correct distance in the space provided and click OK.

Enter the known distance in your overlay

Your overlay is now sized to scale and you can build your house on top of it.

Your overlay is now scaled to size

Here is what the finished product looks like, with a house built on top of the overlay as a guide.

You have now completed building a house over an overlay using Realtime Landscaping Pro

Thank you for reading this guide, and please feel free to contact us for more information about our software.