This guide will show you how to add a pond to your landscape design.


To get started, click the Water Features tab and click the Pond button.

Add a pond to your design using Realtime Landscaping Pro

To create the outline of your rock pond, Left click to place points. Right click to place the last point.

Place points in your landscape design, to create the outline of your pond

To change the pond fill material, click the fill material image seen above, and a dialog box will appear with a large selection of different materials. Make your selection and click OK.

Choose from a large selection of pond fill materials

To edit the pond depth, water level, shape, and other options, click Options in the Object Properties panel as seen in the image below.

Edit the dimensions of your pond using these options

By default, a rock border will be added to the pond. To turn this feature off, click Rock Border and deselect the following option:

The pond's rock border can be toggled using this option

To change the material used in the rock border, click the rock material image seen below, make your selection, and click OK.

Change the pond's rock border material by clicking this image

To change the size of the rocks in your rock border, you can manually input the specific size in the space provided or use the slider.

Customize the size of the rocks in your pond's rock border

You can remove specific sections of the rock border by clicking the Edit Border button seen below, and then Left clicking on the section you wish to remove. Simply Left click again if you wish to restore it.

You can edit your pond's rock border and remove sections as you desire

You have successfully added a pond to your landscape design. Here is the completed pond with several aquatic plants and fountains added.

You have completed this quick tutorial on adding a pond to your 3D landscape design

Thank you for reading this guide, and please feel free to contact us for more information about our 3D landscaping software.