This guide will show you how to add a plant row to your landscape design.


To begin, click the Landscape tab and click the Plant Row button.

Adding a plant row to your landscape design using the Plant Row button

Left click to place points, and this will create the outline of your plant row. Right click to place the last point.

Place points to create the outline of your plant row

To change the type of plant used in your row, click the plant image seen above and it will take you to a large selection of plants, including pictures, 3D models and UltraRes plants. Make your selection and click OK.

Large selection of models for your plant row

You are able to control the number of plants in a row by using the slider seen below, or by manually inputting the amount in the space provided.

Choose the number of plants you want in your plant row, with our landscaping software

Additionally, you are able to add more than one type of plant in your row. Select the following option, and click the number of different plants you would like to add:

Select the number of plant types you want in your plant row

You will notice that your new selection is currently disabled. Select Enabled in order to add your second plant.

Enable any additions to your plant row

Click the plant image, make your desired selection for the second plant and click OK. Repeat the steps outlined above, for any additional plants you wish to add to your plant row.

Choose the type of plant you want to add to your plant row

You have now completed adding a plant row to your landscape design.

Completed plant row added using our user-friendly software

Thank you for reading this guide, and please feel free to contact us for more information about our software.