This guide will show you how to add a house in Realtime Landscaping Pro.


Before getting started, we recommend walking around the exterior of your house to take measurements. Note the length and width of each story, as well as the wall height. For the purposes of this guide, we will be creating a two story house with a covered porch and dormer. To build this particular house, we will make multiple small house objects and fuse them together to create the desired style. Alternatively, you can use the House Wizard to add a similar pre-built house which you can then customize.

First, we will customize the grid. Click Settings found in the Menu Bar, then click Snap Settings.

Customize the grid settings

A dialog box will appear where you can adjust the grid size. For the purposes of this tutorial, we are going to make it one foot, and then click OK.

Snap and Grid settings

Now we can begin creating our house. Click the Building tab and click the House button.

Add a house to your landscape design using the House button

Left click to place points and create the outline of your house. To enter a specific distance, press the Enter key on the keyboard. A dialog box will appear prompting you to input the angle and distance for the next point. Enter the desired distance and click OK.

Enter the angle and distance when placing points for your house

Repeat the above-mentioned steps for all sides of the house. Once you are ready to place the last point, Right click and it will complete your outline. Additionally, you can Left click and place the last point on top of the first point to finish your outline.

Place the last point to create the outline of your house

Since we want to create a covered porch area, we will now make a second house with dimensions similar to the first house.

Create a second structure to form the roof of your house

Next, we are going to use the second house as the roof to cover the first house. Adjust the roof pitch on the first house to zero degrees, as seen in the image below. Click Options under the Object Properties panel, then use the slider or manually input the roof pitch in the space provided. This will create a good base for the roof to go on top of.

Edit the angle of your house's roof pitch

To further customize your house, click Options under the Object Properties panel. You can use the following options to edit the wall height, elevation, roof pitch, and overhang:

Edit the wall height, elevation, and roof pitch of your house

Let us now customize the second house, so we can place it on top of the first house as the roof. Adjust the wall height so that only the roof remains. Here we have changed the height to 1’2″. Next, adjust the elevation so it matches the wall height of the first house, in this case, ten feet. Adjust the roof pitch to twenty degrees since we will be adding a second story later.

Adjust the roof pitch of the second house

Next, place the second house on top of the first by Left clicking and dragging the roof into position. You can use the Plan view to better align the two structures.

Align and place the second house on top of the first house as the roof

Our next step is to create another house to serve as the second story. We are going to make the dimensions of the second story smaller than the first. Click the House button, then place points to create the outline.

Add a second story to your house by creating the outline of another house

Adjust the elevation to ten feet, then Left click and drag it into place on top of the first story. You now have a two story house.

Place the second storey on top of the first house

The default roof type is Hip, but individual roof lines can be changed to Gable if needed. To change the roof type, click Options under the Object Properties panel and click the Edit Roof Type button. Left click to toggle between hip and gabled roof types.

Edit the roof type of your house to gabled

Next, we are going to create a dormer for the house. Repeat the steps for creating another house, but use smaller dimensions to create a rectangular shape.

To add a dormer, create the outline of a rectangular house

Customize the dormer by editing the wall height, elevation, and roof pitch. When you are finished, Left click and drag the dormer into the desired position.

Position the dormer in your house design

To add a front door, click the Building tab and click the Door button. Click the model image seen below, and it will take you to a selection of door styles to choose from.

Add a door model to your house design

A dialog box with a wide variety of door models will appear, including some from national brand Amarr. Make your selection and click OK.

Choose from a variety of front door models, including some from Amarr

Left click to place the door where you desire.

Place the front door on your house

Continue to add doors, windows, and other house accessories as desired. Here is the completed house.

Completed 3D house design using our landscaping software

Thank you for reading this guide, and please feel free to contact us for more information about our software.