This guide will show you how to add a fence and fence gate to your landscape design in Realtime Landscaping Pro.


To begin, click the Building tab and click the Fence button.

Add a fence to your landscape design

To create the line of your fence, Left click to place points. If you make a mistake and want to undo the last point, press the Backspace key on the keyboard. Once you are ready to place the last point, Right click and it will finish your fence line.

Place points to create the outline of your fence

Editing your fence is easier to do using the Perspective view. To change the style of your fence, click the fence style image seen above. A dialog box will appear with a selection of different fence styles. Select your desired style and click OK.

Make a selection from the variety of fence models available

To edit the fence material, click the material image seen below, make your selection, and click OK.

Click the fence material image to choose from a variety of material types

Next, we are going to add a fence gate. To do this, click the Building tab and click the Fence Gate button.

Add a gate by clicking the Fence Gate button

Left click on the fence to place the gate where you desire. To reposition the gate, Left click and drag to the new position.

Place your fence gate where you desire using our landscaping software

To change the style of your fence gate, click the model image seen below. To customize the width and open angle of your gate, use the following editing options:

Click the model image for more fence gate style options

When placing a fence on uneven terrain, by default the fence will follow the contour of the ground. Alternatively, you can select the Stepped option for a stepped fence.

Here is an example of a stepped fence on uneven terrain

If you would like to create a custom fence style, click Advanced in the Object Properties panel and customize as desired with the available options.

Further customize your fence with these advanced options

You have now completed adding a fence and fence gate to your landscape design with our user-friendly software.

You have now completed adding a fence using Realtime Landscaping Pro

Thank you for reading this guide, and please feel free to contact us for more information about our software.