Archiving Files

The Archive feature is a very useful command for when you need to move your landscape design to another computer to continue your work, or when you want to ensure any changes to your custom objects do not affect your design. When using the File > Save command to save your landscape, custom data such as imported backgrounds and custom plants are not saved in the landscape file. However, when using the Archive feature all custom data is saved in the landscape file, making an Archive a much better choice when the file needs to be moved to another computer.

To archive the current landscape design:

1.   Click File and Archive.

2.   Select the desired file and click Save. The text “_archive” will be automatically appended to the file name.


    When opening an archived landscape design, the title bar will contain “(Archive)” after the file name.

    Once a landscape has been saved as an archive, saving the file in the future will automatically save it as an archive, even when using the normal File > Save command.

    Since archives include all custom data, their file sizes can become quite large.

    When finished with a large landscape design that includes custom data, use the Archive command to save a copy of it for future reference. This helps ensure that any changes to your custom data do not affect the design.