User Interface Settings

The User Interface settings allow you to customize miscellaneous behaviors based on your preferences.

Color scheme
Change the user interface to use a light, medium, or dark color scheme.

Highlight object under cursor
Show an outline over an object when your mouse hovers over it. This indicates that clicking the object will select it.

Zoom into mouse position
Using the Zoom tool will zoom into the point on the screen where you first click the mouse button. Otherwise, the zoom will be relative to the center of the screen.

Reverse mouse zoom direction
Reverses the zoom direction when using the Zoom tool or mouse wheel.

Mouse wheel zoom amount
Controls how far to zoom when using the mouse wheel.

Paste command moves objects to the current layer
Pasted objects will be moved to the current layer. Otherwise, pasted objects will be moved to the same layers they originated from. New layers will be automatically added if needed.