Editing using the Realtime Picture Editor

Realtime Landscaping Photo includes a powerful picture editing program called the Realtime Picture Editor. When editing pictures of plants, as well as pictures that you have imported, you can use the Realtime Picture Editor to make changes.

To make changes using the Realtime Picture Editor:

1.   Click the option button next to the picture. A drop-down menu will appear.

2.   Click Edit using Picture Editor. The Realtime Picture Editor will then start.

3.   Make changes to your picture, and then save your changes by clicking Save or Save As from the File menu.

4.   Close the Realtime Picture Editor. The picture will be automatically imported into Realtime Landscaping Photo and the object(s) you were editing will be automatically updated.

See the Realtime Picture Editor’s user guide for detailed instructions on how to use the program.


    Custom pictures must be saved to the directory that corresponds to the type of object you are editing. These are a subdirectory of:

\Users\user\Documents\product\Custom Data\type\Custom\

Where user is your Windows user name, product is the Realtime Landscaping product you purchased, and type is the picture type.

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