Developing software as complex, yet user-friendly as Realtime Landscaping has been a huge undertaking. We would like to extend our special thanks to everyone who helped make it possible.

Design and Development

Jim Napier, Justin Napier, Shannon Thompson

Office Manager

Marcia Napier

Technical Support

Christian Anderson, Justin Napier, Jacqueline Napier


Jim Napier, Justin Napier, Shannon Thompson

Quality Assurance

Christian Anderson, Mandie Webster (lead), Justin Napier, Jessie Anderson, Jacqueline Napier, Marcia Napier, Jim Napier, Dennis McPhee, Shannon Thompson, Summer Ripley, Scopic Software, Pete Stephens, Cody Thompson, Parker Thompson, Andrew Cooper


Justin Napier (lead), Jacqueline Napier, Eric Dyer, Tony Cord, Thomas Uemoto, Shannon Thompson, Cindy Hoover (Trillium36LLC), Dan Absalonson, Ryan Clearman, Nick Bartoletti, Emmet Demos, Jessica Fulwider, Megan Merritt, Jessie Anderson, Marcia Napier, Jim Napier, Nick Aceto, Reichert Software Engineering (Texture Maker), Spiral Graphics (Genetica), Dreamstime, ArtistsValley, aXYZ Design, Dan Silverman (Master 3D Design), Jeannidra Gardner, Radik Bilalov, CGTrader, Character Creator, Plant Factory, Hum3D

Vector Icons

Nataliia Kokhanchyk

Plant Photographers

Doug Williams, Jim Napier, Marcia Napier, Chris Babcock, Sheri Kuhn, Stewart DiNenno, Sal Burns, Maya Lee, Terence O’Reilly, Igor Pakhnevich, Bruce Yancey, Shannon Thompson

Nurseries, Botanical Gardens, Arboretums

Molbaks, Trax Farms Garden Shop, Deerfield Beach Arboretum, Big Trees, Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden, Lucas Nursery & Garden Shop, Radof Shalom Botanical Garden, Russell Watergardens


Amarr, Belgard, Eldorado Stone, Jerith, Kitchler, Master Tile, Noble Tile, Pebble Technology, Philips Hadco, Highpoint, Rico Rock, S.R. Smith, Unilock, RI Lampus, EP Henry

Plant Symbol Background Artwork

John Severence, Jr. Artful Ground Designs, Inc.

Landscape Designs

Stuart DiNenno, Jan Pierce, Karen Faulkner. Botanica Atlanta Landscape Design. Roger Gramm, Pheasant Ridge Landscaping,

Business Consulting

Richard Gardner

Problem Reporting Software

Hans Dietrich


Alex Modelski, Dean A. Craine, Dr. David L. Tingey

Special Thanks

Enrico Nevi and everyone at NBL Software, Ray Rodenburgh and the Unilock team, Stuart DiNenno, Jan Pierce, and Karen Faulkner (Botanica Atlanta, numerous suggestions), Cody Thompson, Doug Williams & Associates (plant identification), Ann Maybury, Cyrus Kanga, Bryan Basher (, Paul Grimes, Kim Katwijk, Clemens Jellema, Andrew Cooper, Clayton Taylor, Russell Watergardens, The Code Project, Component One (DocToHelp), USDA Hardiness Zone Map courtesy of U.S. National Arboretum, USDA-ARS, our many beta testers, and everyone else who helped us with this incredibly ambitious project.