What’s Included in the Software

Realtime Landscaping includes two other applications: Realtime Landscaping Photo and Realtime Picture Editor.

Realtime Landscaping Plus gives you the tools to create impressive landscape designs and presentations. These intuitive tools allow you to create houses, garden designs, deck designs, fences, and more. The Pro version adds features for creating ponds and water gardens. The Architect version includes the features in Pro and adds the ability to create installation drawings and other plans.

No prior CAD experience is needed to use Realtime Landscaping, allowing homeowners and professional landscape designers of all experience levels to get started right away. When finished with your designs, you can create videos, high-quality images, and detailed printouts to help visualize and present your ideas.

Realtime Landscaping Photo is included in all versions and lets you design directly on top of a photograph of your property. Because Photo works in only two dimensions, it is often faster for quick designs and preliminary quotes. The tools included in Realtime Landscaping Photo allow you to add plants, mulch, realistic lighting, edging, and more. Switch between night and day to visualize your landscape lighting, or create alternate design ideas using powerful layer support.

Use the Realtime Picture Editor to quickly edit photographs and other digital images. The Picture Editor is integrated in all Realtime Landscaping versions, making it easy to seamlessly edit images used in your designs.