Taking a Screen Shot

While in a Realtime Walkthrough, your view can be saved to a picture file, which can then be emailed, printed, or edited using the Realtime Picture Editor (or any other picture editing software).

To take a screen shot:

1.   Press the F5 key. A dialog will appear asking for a file name and location. Type the file name and click Save.

2.   The Export to File dialog will appear.

3.   Set the desired options and click OK. The image will be saved to your computer.


The Render Style option can give your image a different look and feel. A variety of render styles are available; each one is explained below.

Render Style



No render style will be applied.

Colored pencil

The picture will appear as if it were drawn using colored pencils.


The picture will appear as if it were painted on a canvas.


The picture will appear as if it were painted using watercolors.


The following image is an example of the Watercolor render style:


    The Saving and Restoring Viewpoints feature makes it much easier to reproduce screen shots from exact locations.

    A screen shot can be printed after it is created; see Printing a Screen Shot for more information.