Showing & Hiding Objects

Large landscape designs with many objects can cause some computers to run slowly. One way to address these slowdowns is to hide objects that you do not currently need to see or edit. For example, if you are finished adding plants to your design, you can hide all of the plants for a performance boost. Hiding objects you do not need to edit will also help to simplify the design process.

To show or hide objects:

1.   From the View menu, click Show/Hide Objects.

2.   Click the objects you want to show or hide and click the OK button when finished.

Objects can also be locked to ensure that they are not edited in any way. This is useful for when you do not want to accidentally modify a set of objects. For example, if you have completed a deck and no longer need to edit it, you could lock all Deck objects to prevent them from being selected or edited.

Objects can be hidden or locked by type or by category. To hide or lock objects by category, click the hide or lock button that appears next to the category name (shown in bold).

Show all
Unhides all of the layers in your design.

Hide all
Hides every object in your design.

Lock all
Locks objects so they cannot be selected.

Unlock all
Unlocks objects so they can be selected again.

Accept any changes.

Discard any changes.


    Hiding or locking objects through the method above will affect every object of the type you have chosen to hide or lock. For example, if you hide the Patio object, then all patios in your design will be hidden. If you would rather hide or lock individual objects, or groups of different types of objects, see Using Layers for an alternate method.

    Objects that affect the terrain topology, such as Height Grids, Area Graders, and Contour Lines, will continue to affect the topology even though the objects themselves are not visible.

    Hiding and locking objects will only affect the landscape design you are currently working on. If you hide objects in one design, they will not be hidden in another design.

    When an object is hidden or locked, it cannot be selected, edited, or deleted.

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