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Importing your Background Picture

Designing your Landscape

Adding Objects

Editing Objects

Editing Object Points

Introduction to Layers

Opening and Saving Files

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Adjusting the View

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Zooming the View

Zooming into the Selection

Zooming into a Rectangle

Adding Objects

Adding a Plant

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Adding a Region

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Adding a Picture

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Adding an Accessory

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Adding Edging

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Adding a Retaining Wall

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Adding a Landscape Light

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Adding Text

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Editing Objects

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Moving Objects

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Deleting Objects

Cut, Copy, & Paste

Grouping & Ungrouping Objects

Controlling the Render Order

Setting Object Properties

Property Types

Default Properties

Editing Properties for Multiple Objects

Undoing & Redoing Changes

Showing & Hiding Objects

Using Layers

Editing Materials

Editing Color and Brightness

Editing using the Realtime Picture Editor

Editing Points

Editing Points

Selecting Points

Moving Points

Rotating Points

Scaling Points

Inserting & Deleting Points


Setting up the Printer

Printing your Landscape Design

Exporting your Landscape Design to a File

Setting Preferences

Angle Snap

Setting Plant Growth

Program Settings

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Changing the Background Picture

Using the Wizards

Picture Import Wizard

Editing the Background Picture

Model Import Wizard

Plant Creation Wizard

3D Design Wizard

3D Design Properties

Project Material List

Creating a Project Material List