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What's Included in the Software

Realtime Landscaping Pro consists of three separate applications: Realtime Landscaping Pro, Realtime Landscaping Photo, and Realtime Picture Editor.

Use Realtime Landscaping Pro when you want to create a 3D landscape design. Design your landscape in a virtual world consisting of your house and surrounding property. This is an exciting way to design because you can walk through it and experience it from any viewpoint. However, learning how to design and navigate in a full 3D environment does take some practice, especially if you have never used a 3D program before. Between this user's guide and the online tutorials, however, you will be creating your own 3D designs in no time.

Use Realtime Landscaping Photo when you want to design on top of a photograph of your existing house and landscape. This program works entirely in two dimensions, and is very easy to use. You simply take a picture of your landscape, import it using the wizard, and then add plants and other objects to design your landscape. The program includes thousands of high resolution pictures of plants and other objects, allowing you to quickly create professional, photo-realistic landscape designs.

Realtime Landscaping Photo

The Realtime Picture Editor is a powerful program for editing your photos and other pictures. It is integrated into both Realtime Landscaping Pro and Realtime Landscaping Photo, so you don't have to leave either program to edit your pictures. This makes it easy, for example, to make changes to a picture of a plant that you have imported.

Realtime Picture Editor

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