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Welcome Menu

The Welcome Menu appears when you first start Realtime Landscaping Pro.

Open a Saved Landscape

Click this option to open a landscape design you have previously created and saved.

Open a Sample Landscape

Click this option to open a sample landscape design. You can use the samples as starting points for your own landscapes.

Start a New Landscape using the Wizard

Click this option to start a new landscape using the wizard. See Landscape Wizard for more information.

View Online Tutorials at

Click this option to view online tutorials for Realtime Landscaping Pro. These are a great way to learn how to design your first landscape.

Design over a Photo using Realtime Landscaping Photo

Don't want to design in full 3D? No problem, Realtime Landscaping Photo makes it easy to create a landscape design using a photo of your existing house and property.

Show these options at startup

Uncheck this option if you do not want the welcome screen to appear when you start the program. You can display it anytime using File > Welcome Menu.

Exit Button (top right)

Click this option to exit the welcome menu and start a new landscape design from scratch.

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