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Terrain Settings

This option lets you change the terrain material and resolution. You can also access the Page Setup command to set the lot size.

To edit terrain settings:

1.   Click Settings > Terrain Settings.

2.   Change the settings as desired and click OK.

Material used for the terrain. Click to select another material.

Material Options
Click to edit the color or brightness of the material. You can also choose to make the terrain a solid color.

Material size
Size of the material. Adjust to make the material appear larger or smaller.

Material angle
Rotation angle of the material.

Terrain resolution
Select the desired terrain resolution: low, medium, or high. This determines the density of the points used to define the terrain elevation. Use low for flat or slightly sloping terrain; medium for most sloping terrain; and high for terrain with highly irregular topology. Medium works well for most purposes. You can change this setting at any time.

Page Setup
Click to access the Page Setup dialog for configuring the lot size, print scale, and other settings.


      For better rendering performance, it's better to change the default terrain material rather than creating a large region to cover the terrain.

      You can increase performance by temporarily reducing the terrain resolution. For example, after you create slopes, hills, retaining walls, and other objects related to the terrain, you could set the terrain resolution to Low while you build the house, deck, and other aspects of your landscape design. You can then set the terrain resolution back to Medium or High for viewing the finished result.

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