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Showing & Hiding Objects

To show/hide objects:

1.   Click View > Show/Hide Objects.

2.   Change the settings as desired and click OK.

When working with large landscapes containing lots of objects, the landscape can become cluttered and exhibit poor performance. One solution is to hide objects that you don't currently need to work with. For example, suppose you have finished the fence and want to focus on sculpting the terrain. Every time you modify the terrain, the program has to rebuild the fence to match the new terrain elevations (which can be time consuming). By hiding the fence and other unnecessary objects, you can make your landscape easier to edit and improve performance.

You can also lock objects to prevent them from being selected. This is useful when you have added objects that you don't want to accidentally modify. For example, suppose you have finished building a deck and want to work on the surrounding landscape. You could lock all Deck objects, which would prevent them from being selected by accident.

You can hide and/or lock all objects by category by clicking the Hide/Lock buttons to the right of the category name. For example, to lock all Building objects, click the Lock button to the right of the Building category.

Show all
Click to show all objects.

Hide all
Click to hide all objects.

Lock all
Click to lock all objects.

Unlock all
Click to hide all objects.

Press to accept your changes.

Press to cancel your changes.


      Hiding and/or locking objects by type affects all objects of that type. If you just want to hide or lock individual objects, use layers instead. See Using Layers for details.

      Hidden objects do not appear in a realtime walkthrough.

      Hidden and locked objects are saved and loaded to/from disk normally. That is, you can save your landscape with hidden/locked objects, and the objects will remain hidden/locked when you later open the file.

      Object visibility is specific to the current landscape file. In other words, changing the object visibility in one file will not affect any other files.

      Hidden and/or locked objects cannot be selected, edited, or deleted.

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