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Saving and Restoring Viewpoints

You can easily save and restore viewpoints using the Edit Viewpoints command. This is useful for defining viewpoints for client presentations, re-creating screen shots from exact locations, quickly focusing on key areas of your landscape design, and more.

To save the current viewpoint:

1.   Click View > Edit Viewpoints. The following dialog will appear.

2.   Click Save.

3.   Change the name that describes the viewpoint (if desired). Then click OK.

Note: If you enter the name of a viewpoint that already exists, then that viewpoint will be overwritten.

4.   Click Close.

To restore a saved viewpoint:

1.   Click View > Edit Viewpoints.

2.   Click the viewpoint you want to restore and click Restore.

3.   Click Close.

Note: You can also save and restore viewpoints during a Realtime Walkthrough by pressing F6.

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